Impressed Pro Marine Condition Score System

The purchase of a boat often means the fulfillment of a long-cherished wish for you as a new owner. Whether you are purchasing a new boat or an older boat, it is very important to include the boat in a maintenance program. Your boat is subject to many types of contaminants, all of which cause significant subsurface degradation. To keep your boat in the right technical and aesthetic condition, it is important to make the right choices in the way you maintain the different surfaces on your boat. The Impressed Pro® Marine Condition Score System offers guidance in determining the most suitable maintenance method.

The Impressed Pro Marine Condition Score System consists of a unique formula in which the sum of 8 variables determines the final technical condition of your boat. This so-called “quick scan” ultimately determines in which condition score the surface falls. With this outcome, you can determine on the basis of the Impressed Pro® Marine Condition Score System how you can clean and protect the subsurface by means of a 0 turn and then also consolidate it into this condition score by means of a maintenance program.

No more standing in front of a shelf with products, but provide a tailor-made maintenance program for your boat through a clear and simple quick scan! All this with the aim of increasing your boat's uptime and minimizing downtime. This way you can enjoy your boat to the fullest and make lasting memories!


Type of Surface

(GRP/Polyester, Composite, Steel, Aluminium, PVC, etc.)



Degree of contamination present on the surface.


Contamination load

Determination of the contamination load based on environmental and climatic factors.


Chalking or weathering

Determination of the degree of chalking or weathering.



Degree of damage and severity of the damage.



What stage of the economic life cycle the surface is in.


Maintenance history

To what extent maintenance has been carried out and the intensity thereof.



The extent to which this is important.

Increase the life of your boat!


Condition score 1

score 0 t/m 0