Hatecke Service exclusively worldwide distributor of Impressed Pro Marine line for the marine market.

Hatecke Service exclusively worldwide distributor of Impressed Pro Marine line for the marine market.

Hatecke Service GmbH (hereinafter Hatecke) has entered into a distribution agreement with Cleaning Care Products International B.V. (hereinafter CCPI) for the global distribution of the Impressed Pro Marine line. Hatecke will act as the exclusive distributor within the entire sector. The Impressed Pro Marine line has been developed by CCPI, a producer and developer of innovative solutions in the field of cleaning, protection, and maintenance for over 17.5 years.

The Impressed Pro Marine line consists of unique and high-quality solutions specifically developed for application on almost all surfaces for Maritime sector. (GRP/polyester, composite materials, steel, aluminum, PVC/polyvinyl chloride, Teak floorings, etc.). The products within the Impressed Pro Marine line are manufactured under the strictest quality standards and using the most innovative green and safe raw materials. This means that environmental aspects and effects are consciously considered and ensured. The Impressed Pro Marine line aligns perfectly with Hatecke's vision to focus on the maintenance of a wide range of surfaces on maritime sector and aside.

A important component of the Impressed Pro Marine line is the condition score system, categorizing surfaces based on their technical condition. Based on the outcomes, a tailor-made underlying treatment plan is implemented with the aim of reconditioning surfaces. Through a maintenance program, the surfaces are consolidated into the new condition score. This approach ensures that surfaces and ships undergo a complete refit, and the maintenance programs subsequently keep the surfaces in optimal technical and aesthetic condition. This ultimately results in a significant improvement in returns due to lower maintenance costs measured over an extended period.

In addition to distributing the Impressed Pro Marine line within the maritime sector, Hatecke will also utilize solutions within the Impressed Pro Marine line for the periodic maintenance of its own lifeboats. The Marine Coat protection system is important component here. By treating lifeboats with the Marine Coat protection system, the gloss level is preserved much longer despite the intensive exposure to UV and salt. This leads to a substantial improvement in the critical safety aspect and also gives the lifeboats a more luxurious appearance, fitting within the maritime sector.

The extensive expertise of CCPI in developing and producing high-quality surface treatment solutions, combined with the craftsmanship and extensive network (including 60 service stations worldwide) of Hatecke, makes this collaboration unique. The Impressed Pro Marine line will be exclusively available for the maritime sector through Hatecke Service. CCPI will remain closely involved and provide support to Hatecke.

Hatecke: Hatecke is a German manufacturer of lifeboats founded in 1903, located in Drochtersen near Hamburg. Hatecke produces and supplies various types of LSA-equipment and all belongings around for offshore, cargo, cruise & onshore sector etc. In addition to production, Hatecke also provides services & Refurbishment through Hatecke Service Germany. This includes annual and five-year maintenance of lifeboats, as well as supplying spare parts, repairs, load tests, Refurbishment and providing training to customers and service partners. Hatecke Service has over 60 service stations worldwide in various ports.

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CCPI: CCPI is a Dutch company that has been active for over 17.5 years as a developer and producer of high-quality cleaning, maintenance, and protection products. CCPI offers application companies, active in industries such as cleaning, facade maintenance, and construction, a comprehensive range of innovative solutions. CCPI has contributed to several prestigious projects both domestically and internationally. The demand for their expertise within the maritime sector increased regularly, ultimately leading to the development of a tailor-made high-quality line of solutions for the maritime sector, which will be exclusively distributed by Hatecke Service GmbH.

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